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Cambridge, England

Some of the most peaceful places on earth are military graveyards.

The Cambridge American Cemetery in England is no exception.

The sense of peace on these grounds feels eerie considering the extremely violent war-time deaths.

Paths on either side of the reflecting pool lead to the memorial.  You don’t expect something unusual in a memorial, especially if you’ve seen a few.

No one expects to see their state symbol in a foreign country.

Finding it means someone from Oregon is buried here?

For Oregonians, as it is for those from other states, the seal has never been more somber.

When you consider those who served and died from your state, it hits home.  You might be memorialized if not for the circumstances of time and birth.

Think of your parents and grandparents, those closer to the fire, when you walk the grounds.  The Greatest Generation got that way by what they did in WWII.

That they left so many of their comrades in so many sites speaks to their drive and fervor. 

WWII did that.

American Cambridge Cemetery Grounds

Imagine the families who suffered losses in WWI and WWII.  Fathers and sons who laid down their lives are a heavy burden to bear for all nations. 

Traveling to see their graves doesn’t make it any easier.

The peace in the Cambridge American cemetery welcomes all visitors.  They can take pause near the reflecting and the memorial, but it strikes home when you take to the field.

So many graves, so many lives cut short, stand at rest while the living pass by.

Men, especially veterans visiting the cemetery with their sons, share the same wish:  I served so you don’t have to.

If you are a parent and meet a soldier back from Iraq or Afghanistan, show some kindness. 

They serve so your kids won’t have to.

On The Grounds


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