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Freedom is not free, and neither is history. 

You need to pay attention.

The following is a test for life-long residents and new arrivals. 

Other states have their own questions.

California guards ask if you have fresh fruit at the border.

Idaho doesn’t ask a question, you ask it yourself.  “Why am I leaving Oregon again?”

Washington oozes Microsoft, Amazon, Jimi Hendrix at the Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project, and Starbucks.  Washington was part of the Oregon Territory before it slipped away.

Start with the first question and work your way through. 

After you finish, raise your hands to your keyboard and leave your score in comments.

Good luck.  

The first people in Oregon were?

a.  your grandparents

b.  your parents

c.  wagon train pioneers

d.  humans who walked the land bridge from Russia

The first permanent American settlement in Oregon was

a.  Allenia, named after Paul Allen

b.  Knightia, named after Phil Knight

c.  Portlandia, named after the famous statue

d.  Astoria, named after John Jacob Astor

The first official overland visitors to Oregon were

a.  Lewis and Martin, a comedy duo

b.  Martin and Charlie, the Sheen duo

c.  Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen, a reporting duo

d.  Lewis and Clark, great explorer duo

The first sea captain to see Oregon and tell others?

a.  Vasco Núñez de Balboa, who ended up on the chopping block with four friends

b.  Robert Gray, who ended up with yellow fever   

c.  James Cook, who was baked in Hawaii

d.  Charles Wilkes, who was questioned for punishing his sailors too harshly

What business created the first rush to Oregon?

a.  logging

b.  fishing

c.  fur

d.  farming

Which animal was coveted like middle east oil?

a.  raccoon

b.  sea otter

c.  beaver

d.  nutria

What did fur trappers do after they trapped out all the fur animals?

a.  moved to Grants Pass and became survivalists

b.  wrote tracts about how they made Oregon safe from fur animal attack

c.  married the prettiest girl in town and opened a barber shop

d.  wore clothes not made out of animal skins and recovered their sense of smell   

Why was the Oregon Country broken into states?

a.  the territory of the original thirteen states was jealous

b.  if the Louisiana Purchase wasn’t staying in one piece, neither was Oregon

c.  too much California

d.  because Texas had a complex and needed to be the big state

What happens when you cross the border into Oregon?

a.  it starts raining

b.  you start singing

c.  you breathe easier

d.  you vow never to leave

Who packed up their wagon and hit the trail to Oregon?

a.  religious folks fulfilling their manifest destiny

b.  Scots-Irish looking for new fight

c.  farmers with a problem living next to free men of color

d.  all of the above

Who really came to Oregon on the trail?

a.  people who sold everything for one last chance to prove themselves worthy 

b.  people sick and tired of crowds at the feed and seed store

c.  angry husbands and fathers punishing their families as the captain of their prairie schooner

d.  people who could read notices of a new Eden where bountiful crops grew by themselves

Who stayed in Oregon?

a.  those who weren’t lured to the California Gold Rush

b.  those who weren’t lured to the Alaska Gold Rush

c.  those who supplied people going after the gold

d.  people with enough sense to know what home looks like         

Where have all the trees gone?

a.  Weyerhaeuser

b.  Georgia Pacific

c.  local pulp mill

d.  fell down in a wind storm

What about the fish?  Where did the fish go?

a.  floating in streams fouled by logging

b.  chopped to bits in dam turbines

c.  munched by crafty seals

d.  caught, canned, and sent to the stores for salmon loaf recipes

What made Oregon special?

a.  the name.  It wasn’t called the Washington Country, or Idaho Country

b.  it offered low rent east coast dandies a step up on the social scale

c.  it was as far as a man could go without swimming

d.  it wasn’t Utah

What makes Oregon special today?

a.  it’s hidden on the mental map of east coasters who think it’s near Wyoming

b.  it’s hidden between the highlights of Seattle and San Francisco

c.  Nike

d.  your Portland Trail Blazers

What can you do for Oregon?

a.  learn more about the state

b.  plan on learning even more

c.  explore the Oregon difference

d.  leave comments for OHAT

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