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Ian St. Clair writes about a film discovery in Oregon. 

It’s news in Wyoming because the film shows Cheyenne Frontier Days from 1911.

Consider the timing. 

“The first feature-length film to be released in its entirety in the US was the 69-minute epic Dante’s Inferno (1911, It.) (aka L’Inferno), inspired by Dante’s 14th century poem The Divine Comedy.  (from

It opened in New York on December 10, 1911 at Gane’s Manhattan Theatre.”

New York gets Dante’s Inferno and Wyoming gets The Daddy of ’em All

Go with The Daddy.

How the film of the 1911 Frontier Days came to Oregon is a mystery.   Even Michael Kassel, the curator of collections at the Old West Museum, has no idea.

Discovery is like that

Watch a clip of Antiques Roadshow for a sample of that excitement.  When an appraiser says you ought to insure the old painting you brought in from your garage for $200,000, something happens. Read the rest of this entry